A booklet with "your guide to Minder" written on it

Resources for study participants

This section of the website is designed for participants who are currently part of the Minder study.

In this online resource you can find information on:

  1. Introduction to the Minder study
  2. Using your Activity Sensors
  3. Using your Interactive Devices
  4. Using your Tablet & Minder App

Additional guidance for experimental devices:

Download PDFs of printed guides:

1. Your guide to Minder

As part of the Minder study, you will have received a Minder Welcome Guide.

This page is a digital version of your Weclome Guide. It allows you to access digital resources (such as videos of how the devices work) which can help you during the study. We will keep this page up to date with the latest information we have available.

2. Activity Sensors

Some devices used in the Minder study require very little interaction and will just be in the background. These are the activity sensors.

3. Interactive Devices

Other devices used in the Minder study require you to take daily measurements. These are the Interactive Devices.

4. Your Tablet & Minder App

You are provided with a Tablet Computer as part of the Minder study. This Tablet is an essential part of making your life easier during the Minder study.  

The Tablet Computer has Apps installed on it, which you will interact with on a regular basis. One of the main Apps you will use is the Minder App.